— How to create responsive website for hotels without programming? —

How to create responsive website for hotels without programming?

Website builder for vacation property rentals

Bookingready.com - Increase Booking Revenue And Eliminate Costs!

One of the most important opportunities to gain the trust of your customers is you website. Why settle for some risky and expensive solution when you can have the world’s leading SEO friendly content management system (CMS), hundreds of free responsive design templates for your vacation property rental, possibility to update it whenever - and all of this completely free - no hidden cost.

Why Bookingready.com website builder for vacation property rentals?

  • Professional web design - tourism website design templates tailored to your target group
  • Free - no hidden costs
  • Responsive design - adjusts to any user - mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Users anywhere in world by supporting multiple currencieslanguages and devices.
  • Fast performance - content loads quickly regardless of  your location.
  • You create your own website - no hidden cost, no coding knowledge required
  • If you want - we can create website based on your requirement
  • SEO - Bookingready websites builder was created by SEO veterans
  • Possibility to use old design, or to retain some of its visual features
  • Promotion - compatibility with the biggest booking engines

How Does Your Bookingready.com Work?

  • Once you register and receive username and password you can start building your website, it is very intuitive, no programming knowledge required
  • Responsive. It automatically adapts to look great on a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • WYSWYG -   your website is automatically uploaded on our servers and you can start using it

Need A Website In Different Languages? Think Global!

  • Responsive website design for vacation property rental - very important since guests are using mobile for travel research - 61% leave website if not optimized for their phone
  • Free - no hidden cost
  • Quick to Set up – Easy to Manage
  • SEO Benefits - rank high for the most important keyword phrases on Google
  • be social and make social sharing easy
  • Fanatical support - 24/7 365 days a year.

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Posted on: 15-May-2018

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