Hotel SEO can drive your hotel website to the top, or bury it in Google penalties. Learn how to optimize your hotel website

Phrase Research & Strategy Every good SEO campaign starts with phrase research. You should create a list of the most important long tail keywords which will be used for internal as well as external optimization in next steps of SEO. Internal optimization Working With Your Website Most of developers are aware of SEO guidelines but do not fully utilize this knowledge when developing your website. Bookingready.com was created to you get the best possible performance out of your website. Besides being very simple website builder for accommodation property rentals, there are many other benefits of using booking ready solution for example it is completely free - check it out at www.bookingready.com External optimization – Link Building Link building is continuous process, and it is not possible to optimize your website and then leave it. You should constantly work on link building as high quality links are one of the most important aspects of any optimization. Content Your content is one of the most important components of link building, so you should work together with your staff, copywriters and industry experts to create the content which would engage your customers. Bookingready.com is easy website builder that would make your life much easier - anyone can update your website now without learning any programming language - it is very intuitive and easy to use content management system with many readily available rental website templates, Frequently Asked Questions Q: There are so many SEO companies for accommodation property rentals which one should I choose? A: Nowadays Google launches more than 500 algorithm updates annually this is the reason why most big SEO companies are extremely expensive. Q: How long does it take? A: SEO is continuous and never ending process, however, initial optimization usually takes 1 year Q: When can I expect the results? A: This depends on the maturity of your website, authority, competition, phrases etc. Q: What is the price? A: This depends on the number of hours necessary to perform initial optimization, and maintain rankings etc.
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Posted on: 20-Feb-2018

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