— Why website builder for my accommodation property rental? —

Why website builder for my accommodation property rental?

Why bookingready.com?

If you are in accommodation business for some time - you know that internet marketing is the most important aspect of your sales. Being owner of hostels and apartments, I have experienced myself all the problems arising from improper management of my digital presence. Although lot of my reservations were coming from booking.com, hostelworld.com and similar portals I have to say that provisions that I was paying to them were one of the biggest expenses besides the salaries of my employees and other expenses. After some time I realized I should create a website that would allow me to receive reservations directly and decrease the expense that could reach from 8 to 15% of your booking. I approached several digital marketing companies and received different offers ranging from few hundreds of dollars all the way to several thousands. I chose one solution that had the average price and thought that my headache is about to end. I was so wrong. The website that I received did not fulfill the aesthetic criteria I was expecting, was not communicating the values I wanted to transfer and 6 months later I have realized that the website cannot be ever optimized for search engines such as Google - from which my competition was receiving majority of qualified leads and reservations. I paid again to another company and thought that now everything will be fine. I spent much more money this time buying SEO services in addition to website re-design and content management system that was supposed to be easy to use. After 3 months of constant communication we have managed to complete the website that was much better, however optimization was still not working out so we took advice that we received from the company and started using Google adwords. I have to say that this was cheaper way of getting clients at the time compared to popular booking engines. However, the competition for the best keywords was becoming fierce and gradually this increased cost per click putting me in not really nice position. My solution to this problem was - let's try with SEO company - after only 6 months they managed to move us for some keyword phrases - but by this time I have already spent enormous sums of money on something that still had limited success. That's when I realized that the only way to do this is to start learning all of this on my own. This was very radical shift as I had to completely dedicate all of my life to changing career. I have sold my business and started learning everything that was mainstream in the area of internet marketing at them time - this was year 2005. After spending years in digital marketing, leading teams for internet marketing working as digital marketing manager for others and my company, and meeting my current business partner, I have to say that we have done our best to create scaleable solution for all the people who are in the accommodation property business - bookingready.com. Why bookingready.com? Top 10 reasons why every vacation property rental should start using bookingready.com solution for websites 1. Booking ready is absolutely free if you stay on our domain - no hidden cost, solutions at this level could cost you several $ thousands 2. Bookingready.com was made by SEO people with decades of experience - code is compact and can be optimized easily 3. Anyone without any knowledge of programming can create his own website 4. Design can be changed anytime and adjusted to changes in the industry 5. The only website builder for accommodation property rentals that provides you with the latest trends for free - responsive design - which automatically adjusts to any screen 6. Bookingready is a game changer we are really one stop shop solution for all your digital needs as accommodation property business if you want it, or we can provide you with only one part of digital marketing services. With premium packages our designers will adjust design to your needs, we are Google adwords partner and we will setup the best campaign for your needs using all our experience, we can also provide you with SEO and social media services based on our vast experience in the industry. 7. Even the single apartment/room owner can easily within minutes create their own website for free. 8. Sick tired of paying 10% for every booking? Avoid paying expensive provisions to intermediaries and invest in your business 9. Premium package - we would move website to the domain you provide us with. 10. Hosting and domain are completely free! There are many more reasons to choose this products, leave us your email - very soon we will be opening our doors for new vacation property owners who can enjoy all the benefits of this amazing product.
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Posted on: 19-Feb-2018

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