— Several Ideas for Accommodation Property Website Promo —

Several Ideas for Accommodation Property Website Promo

Strategy for your free apartment website promotion

Several Ideas for Accommodation Property Website Promotion 2014:

  • Your bed and breakfast website design has to visually highlight  the most important elements of your offer
  • Place your key selling points and your booking modules above the fold
  • Segment the market and create separate content for each target group
  • Since accommodation and travel is always bought on emotion - place and include exciting videos and visuals in your apartment listing website design.
  • User your customer language for website content.
  • Make possibility for content sharing even if you are promoting single apartment website.
  • Perform A/B testing of your landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Your landing pages should match the ad creative.
  • Don't hesitate publishing guest feedback directly on your web pages
  • Knowing that top 3 results Google get 79% of the clicks - use the best possible website platform and content management system to be able to achieve top results in search engines.
  • Pay attention to SEO
  • Always perform keyword research and analysis to identify those keywords that convert your traffic
  • Perform link building for your hotel website the best inbound links are earned by merit. Create content people love!
  • Prior to booking your hostel most of the travelers will search for reviews of your property. Use Google Alerts, , and Radian 6 or  Technorati to track and respond to your reviews.
  • Always pay special attention TripAdvisor and OTA reviews
  • Use professional solution for free hostel website creation - If you are using free hotel website builder bookingready.com - all the enumerated factors are already taken into consideration
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Posted on: 24-Apr-2018

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