— How Can Vacation Rentals benefit From Meta Search? —

How Can Vacation Rentals benefit From Meta Search?

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A Meta-Search Engine is a search engine that uses other search engines to refine and present the most accurate results. It provides you with the summary of the results from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.  The most important difference is the fact that customers can book directly from search results - thereby meta search engines managed to  cut one step in the booking process. Although many claim that meta search engine marketing is more expensive than Adwords and other paid digital advertising tools, we can also argue that the click that your hotel is receiving from meta search is of greater quality compared to alternatives i.e. the traveler is one step closer to booking.

At the moment meta search engines are very popular topic and there are several reasons for this.
From hotels perspective, mere possibility to avoid OTAs, and get customer who directly reserves her accommodation via hotel website sounds like fantastic idea (higher conversion, lower commissions). Also if hotel provides the lowest rate for bookings originating from its own website - this is a good bargain for their guests as well. So this is definitely win-win situation. Besides this user gets comparative pricing, reviews and the ability to book directly.

Recent investments in Google’s Hotel Finder, Trivago, Kayak and Trip Advisor’s TripConnect all spek in favour of changes that are about to come to vacation rental marketing industry.

By providing the searcher with real time availability and pricing, it is now possible to receive direct bookings from the official company website thus, keeping commission costs to a minimum. Therefore free vacation rental websites  and vacation rental own e-commerce solutions are the single most important investment for any hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, cottage and others. If you need perfect complete websites for holiday rentals please visit bookingready.com and start decreasing your marketing expenses now.

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Posted on: 08-Apr-2018

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