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Why Content is still the king for Hotel Internet Marketing?

For those of you who are providing Vacation Rental Services, last decade completely changed the game especially related to the promotion and marketing of your services. Internet became number one source for your bookings, and your online reputation is more important then ever. One of the key components of your digital marketing is content management and here are some of the most important facts related to your content strategy

1. The Importance of Vacation Rental Photography
Many surveys show that websites with more photos of your accommodation, events in your city, your facilities, your employees etc., can create substantial gain in your conversion rates. Simply put, those websites with more photos have greater number of bookings - therefore, it is crucial that you use professional vacation rental photography on your websites, applications etc.  

2. Importance of instant booking
One of the key aspects on accommodation property website is the capability for instant booking. Those of you who choose to use website builder for accommodation property rentals www.bookingready.com neeed not worry about this - since booking engine is included in any package you choose. Thereby we suggest you to keep your availability updated and decrease bounce rate on your website.

3. Fresh content
Nowadays, all search engings content recency as one of their key components for ranking websites in search results - make sure that all events, news are retularly updated and fresh - Google will find a way to reward you for your effort.

4. Blog
 Most hotels in their Vacation Rental Advertising strategies use blog as one of the primary content sources. If you use bookingready premium packages - upon request we will install blog on your accommodation property website.

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Posted on: 14-Mar-2018

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